8 tips to encourage innovation in your organization

But how many organizations really put innovation at the heart of their business strategies? You have to start somewhere. Here are eight tips to initiate, stimulate and inspire everyday innovation in your organization.


  1. Listen and engage all of your employees


If you haven’t already done so, appointing an innovation officer in your organization can be a great idea. However, to drive innovation InventHelp Startups across the organization, you have to listen, question, and engage all employees.


  1. Set up an innovation process


Establish and set up an innovation process (and promote it internally) to manage and measure your innovation initiatives. You can create your own (simple) tools to pick up ideas and track your projects through InventHelp.


  1. Choose two or three things that are implemented quickly and easily


By implementing two or three things that are easy to set up (and not 10), this can already help cultivate an organizational culture that is open to innovation. Whether it’s weekly creativity rituals, a wall of ideas available to everyone, or the establishment of an innovation committee, the important thing is to take action!

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