Innovative Ideas: Stop Protecting Your Idea

As long as your innovative ideas are just ideas, no matter how good they are, it will still be too little. Someone may even have stolen your idea and be calling it “my idea”. Think with me: how would you know it was stolen? In fact, you would never know. Unless the “thief” goes to execution. If the execution is good enough, the news of the existence of this idea (which is now a project) will reach you. Do you understand? Basically, InventHelp Idea having a stolen idea doesn’t mean much. Likewise, stealing a good idea does not guarantee anything. This is explained by the simple fact that an idea, even if it is extraordinary, will never produce good results if it is not accompanied by good execution.


Wonderful, poorly executed innovative ideas fail. Average ideas, well-executed, are successful. Ready. Do you know what they stole from you? It wasn’t your idea. It was his execution. They stole you in the face. Or did you let them steal? We will never know. What we can understand from all this is that, from the moment you propose to develop an idea, it is essential to also propose to start executing it.


The danger of accumulating innovative ideas


If it doesn’t, someone can actually come and steal it from you. And you know what’s worse? That someone can be you. Do you know how? Having another idea that, in its interpretation, is as brilliant as the first. Then there is the third, and another, and another. Thus, you become an accumulator of brilliant ideas, but which are never tested in practice, never executed. In other words, you are forever at the mercy of thieves of ideas, including yourself.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you have more than one idea. But you should avoid thinking about a second yourself, without putting the first into practice. So stick to the execution of your ideas, and you will find that they will be much more profitable even those that don’t look so great.


We human beings have a certain predisposition to think much more than we should. Our fears and uncertainties, in many cases, have a great power to paralyze us. And this is where the X of the question lies. Staying only in the field of innovative ideas does not create any risk. In other words, we don’t have to have fears and uncertainties when we are just designing something.

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