Should we protect or share innovations?

According to some, the digital era is synonymous with a paradigm shift: yesterday, innovation rhyme with protection, today innovation would sound with permanent improvement. The frenzy of innovation would decide with an obsolete idea: why protect its innovation, the future would be sharing and brotherly love between competitors. Intellectual property law would, in short, be reduced to nothing.


The idea, as attractive as it is, InventHelp Invention Ideas overlooks several key points: the first is that innovation must necessarily be coupled with intellectual property law. The second is that sharing innovation is in no way contradictory to this legal protection. Protection is dead! Long live protection!


Innovation and Intellectual Property: Disenchantment?


Is the intellectual property an obstacle to innovation? Many practitioners and authors point out those companies in the digital age no longer protect, but use innovation and constantly improve it. However, does this mean that, because they are constantly innovating, the latter must no longer protect? Indeed, if we focus on the subject of patent filing alone, it is necessary to specify that the decrease in filings is not the consequence of the frenzied improvement in innovation. On the contrary. First of all, public accessibility to the complete description of the invention is problematic for any inventor. Next, patent filing results in protection in the territory in which it is filed. The world is watching you … and can freely exploit innovation in other countries!

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