InventHelp Invention Ideas: Most Crucial Information For You

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Before pursuing your new invention idea, you must develop a conceptualization process. This process is crucial for bringing your invention to the market. It involves brainstorming different solutions to the problem. A conceptualization can only be accomplished when you have a prototype that you can present to an objective audience. A successful invention is a good example of a product that solves a real problem. By conceptualizing your new invention idea, you can create multiple solutions that solve the problem at hand.

Developing a ?sell sheet?

A sell sheet is a short description of your product, including pictures, diagrams, and benefits. It should be easy to read and should convey enough information to get the reader’s interest without going into too much detail. The main goal of the sell sheet is to attract potential customers, not turn them off. When possible, use a storyboard to further explain your concept and…

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