5 ideas to promote your invention from home during confinement by Coronavirus

It may seem boring, but you have to find the positive side. We are always complaining that we don’t have time for anything, so now we have to take advantage to do everything we always want to do and never do!


Are you blank? Doesn’t any idea come to mind? We help you! You can take advantage to awaken your innovative mind and bring those unpublished ideas to light. They can be fought in an invention that revolutionizes technology InventHelp Technology and you could even contribute your grain of sand with an invention to fight Coronavirus! Here are 5 activities for you to promote your invention by InventHelp during the confinement by the Coronavirus


  1. Define your idea


During confinement, it is easy for many ideas to come to your mind and you may want to contribute to the cause with inventions to combat the Coronavirus. When these ideas come to mind, be calm, you just need to organize them! The first step you have to take is to state the objective you want to reach and all the necessary elements to achieve it.


To make it easier we recommend InventHelp that you ask yourself these three questions: What is the business idea? What will I need to carry it out? What can a potential investor, company, or client expect from your project?


  1. It’s time to patent


Do you already have your invention in mind? Have you defined goals and pending tasks? We can continue! During the confinement to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, many ideas may arise and we want to help you to get ahead. In this way you will take advantage of time and, in addition, it will make time at home more bearable. Let’s do it!


We start from the basis that you have had a super innovative and revolutionary idea because they can all be! What is the next step? Of course, it’s time to patent!


  1. Bring your invention to life


Well! You already have an idea and you have already patented it, but this does not end here! You have brought out the positive side of confinement with the Coronavirus and have become an inventor, but your innovative project has to keep growing! You are very clear about what you want and how your invention is going to be, but to sell it, you need investors to be as clear as you are.

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